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Spir og prosper
Kimberly PhanMay 22, 2024 8:43:41 PM1 min read

Spir Group makes investements in AI for the real estate industry

We are making an important investment in the real estate industry's future technology and expertise. 

The Norwegian start-up Prosper AI has developed a ground-breaking service that uses artificial intelligence to generate detailed property prospects based on condition reports, self-declarations and neighborhood profiles. The technology is designed to significantly increase the efficiency of real estate agents' most repetitive job: the sales prospectus.

Spir Group, through our subsidiary Ambita, is now investing in a fifteen percent equity stake in Prosper AI. "We are doing this because we strongly believe that this is a technology for the future. The service not only frees up valuable time for the real estate agent, but it also weeds out human errors when producing the sales prospectuses," says Per Haakon Lomsdalen, CEO Spir Group.

"This investment will strengthen our position in our PropTech strategy.  That's why it's important for us to connect with the brightest minds in the industry, like the team from Prosper AI", continues Lomsdalen.  

Strengthen our further focus on AI

It is primarily our subsidiary Ambita that will utilize the Prosper AI technology, but we will work actively to utilize it in the Group's other subsidiaries. These are Boligmappa and Sikri, as well as Metria in Sweden. 

 "Spir Group and Ambita are an ideal partner for us in both short and long term. They are a serious and strong partner with whom we share our vision and values. The partnership gives us the opportunity to develop and offer even better services to our customers, and continue to keep Prosper AI at the forefront of technological innovation and AI products," says Prosper AI's CEO, Robin Skog. 

At Spir Group we will remain dedicated to our growth strategy through organic development, M&A, and continue to prioritize the development of innovative services that bring value to people, businesses, and society.

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Kimberly Phan

CMO Spir Group