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Boligmappa is a digital platform connecting all sides of the housing and real estate lifecycle, from private homeowners to large professional contractors.


Boligmappa consists of several services and products, such as, Boligmappa for professionals and Hjemla. All operate in the real estate and property owner market.

Boligmappa wants to help people make better housing decisions, by delivering digital platforms where property owners can take control of the value, condition, and documentation of their property through documentation and unique insights. By the services offered, homeowners and professionals have access to key tools for securing and developing what for most consumers represents their largest investment - both when owning, selling, and buying a home. is an online service that makes it easier for homeowners to manage their property, which for most people also represents their largest financial asset. Electricians, plumbers and other craftsmen document their work directly in Boligmappa, and combined with information uploaded by the user, value-adding property data is safely stored and maintained over time.

Boligmappa Professional is used by craftsmen and other professionals to register work, documentation and other data in Boligmappa. The user searches in the Land Registry and connects to the correct property. The solution is available as a web application or as an integration in more than 70 ERP systems, such as Visma Contracting, Cordel, Tripletex and more.

Boligmappa Data Platform is used by all the above, as well as property appraisers, electrical supervisors and more.

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Hjemla is a real estate platform focusing on the value of residential properties. Hjemla utilizes machine learning to provide automated valuation models and neighborhood statistics to empower consumers. The solution consists of a comprehensive library of real estate data, creating an ecosystem by combining consumer inputs with external data sources.

The service can be found on the proprietary web app, on the mobile app Hjemla GO and on several partner services. The application employs state-of-the art machine learning technologies to derive insights about the true monetary value of a home, historically, at the present and future projections.

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Innovating in the fields of marketing and communications. Owns and runs, which is a leading knowledge sharing platform with 600K+ monthly visitors. Products/services are display ads – contextual targeting, content creation and syndicated content through the brand “Boligkanalen”

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