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Offering digital solutions based on real-estate data, providing professional players involved in developing, buying and selling property with insight and making their work processes more efficient and secure


Ambita offers products and services across the real estate and construction value chain, enabling a more efficient and transparent market for all parties involved. The vision of the company is to create the property market of tomorrow.

Ambita has a diversified customer base, primarily in the private sector including all the major players within the industry. The largest segments are real estate agencies, banks, and finance institutions in addition to construction and engineering.

Ambita is at the forefront of digitizing the settlement process in real estate transactions.  Our services are built mainly for banks, real estate agents and lawyers enabling them to validate, sign and register documents with the Mapping Authority digitally. The services are delivered both as APIs and as a portal, streamlining our users´ everyday lives while contributing to a better customer experience for our customers´ customers. 

Data Services
Launching and developing new services making the real estate agent´s work processes more efficient and secure. Our portfolio of data services includes a variety of services based on the land registry and technical information from the cadaster, combined with other public data sources. Ambita has a team of experts that works closely witch customers and partners to develop services that ensure efficient and correct decision-making processes in and connected to the real-estate industry.  

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Byggesøknaden is a jointly owned (Norconsult and Ambita) digital building application for professionals. The service enables our applicants to file building applications through a digital process application to the municipality instead of filing by paper or e-mail.

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Maintaining the position as Norway´s largest provider of real estate information, continuously offering new products and services. Infoland is a data source for the real estate market in Norway, distributing both internal and external data including data from all municipalities, more than 40 housing cooperatives and 50 other data suppliers.

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Propfinder is a map service designed for property developers. The service compiles data from the public and private sectors in an innovative way, which enables property developers to conduct site analysis, feasibility studies and other early phase analysis related to property development quickly and efficiently.  

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