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Kimberly PhanMar 18, 2024 11:52:00 AM1 min read

New Chief Technology Officer in Spir Group

At the end of 2023, we changed our name to Spir Group to symbolize our ambitions in the market. In 2024, Spir Group continues to grow, first with a new CFO, and now with Mia Ryan, our new Chief Technology Officer.

"I look forward to realizing the opportunities that lies in the synergy between technology and artificial intelligence for the companies in the Group," says Ryan.

"Spir Group is a key supplier of software and data to the real estate industry and the public sector. Right now, it's an extremely exciting time to work with technology in these industries. Innovations and new developments are happening at a record pace, paving the way for a public sector that is much more advanced than what we are used to from the past," she adds.

Ryan is an experienced technology leader with experience from Redpill Linpro, Lendo, and Ambita before now stepping into the role of Group CTO at Spir Group. With a combination of expertise in economics, finance, and technology, Ryan has played a key role in developing innovative solutions for the banking and finance sector, including automated loan processes, property value estimates, and advanced scoring models.

Previously, she has also led strategic work for technology and cloud-based solutions, working to maximize synergies across markets and platforms.

"In Spir Group, I want us to actively use AI and technology not only to drive internal and external innovation but also to significantly improve our development processes. It is essential for us to ensure that data is easily accessible throughout the organization so that we can enhance our decision-making and productivity," she emphasizes.

Ryan is also focused on bridging the gap between AI practitioners and business leaders through her work with Women in Data Science, Tech Bar, and NORA's AI network, to promote competence and innovation in the industry.

"With Mia Ryan at the helm, Spir Group is better equipped than ever to lead the technological development and shape future solutions in property data and the public sector," says Per Haakon Lomsdalen, CEO of Spir Group.


Kimberly Phan

CMO Spir Group